Services Available

Spa Treatment

Includes high-quality shampoo and conditioner, facial scrub, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear clean, scented spritz, bandana or bow.

Full Groom

Includes everything from the spa treatment, plus a full hair cut and styling.


Walk-in Services


All fees depend on the length of time it takes to complete the service. We are competitive with other groomers in the area. Please give us a call to discuss the specifics of your pet. Pricing is dependent upon the following factors:


10% discount for military, veterans, first responders (can not be combined with any other offer)

Ready for us take care of your pet?

Call us now at 435-201-6188 and schedule an appointment or a free consultation. If we are busy grooming, we will be sure to call you back by the end of the day. If you prefer, you can book your appointment now with the link below.


We recommend you bring in your puppy around 3-6 months of age, and a couple weeks after their vaccinations.  We will keep this first visit as stress free as possible for your pet in order to get them used to and learn to love the grooming experience.

Generally speaking, breeds that have continuously growing hair like Poodles, Shih Tzus, Terriers, etc, should be groomed about every 4-6 weeks unless their coat is kept very short, in which case they might be able to go 8-10 weeks. Regularly brushed, short-haired, shedding breeds could wait 8-10 weeks between grooming appointments.

Dog’s nails should be trimmed about monthly.  You don’t need an appointment for nail trimming/filing only, but we recommend you call the day before to make sure we fit you in between other appointments in order to minimize your wait time. Our other walk-in services include ear cleaning only, eye area trim only, sanitary trim only, teeth brushing only. If you need more than one service, please make an appointment.

In order to minimize the stress on your animal, please pick them up as soon as possible after their treatment.

We recommend that you drop off your pet and then come back when they are finished.  Often dogs can get excited when their owners are around and can move around excessively which isn’t really safe for them while we are grooming.

Knots in your pet’s hair (i.e., mats) are very unhealthy for your dog’s skin.  While it may be possible to de-mat the coat, it can be quite painful for the animal.  Tangles, mats, and dense coats increase the risk of stress, trauma, and/or injury (nicks). When the coat is severely matted, the best thing to do for the welfare of the dog is to clip the coat very short with our clippers.

Certainly, although you can rest assured that we only use high-quality, top-rated products. Medicated shampoos/conditioners often require several minutes of contact time which will require our groomer to stay with your dog longer than usual. This will result in an additional fee.

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